What is Concrete Scanning?

November 27, 2023

As concrete cutting experts, we’re often asked about concrete scanning and what it does.

In this article, we’ll give you a definition of what concrete scanning is and how it works, what it can do and why you should choose Alpha Concrete Cutting for this service.

Concrete Scanning: A Definition

Concrete scanning is a process using a specialised piece of equipment like an x-ray machine. It’s designed to detect what is happening under the surface of your concrete via radiowaves and predict any structural issues.

What Concrete Scanning Can Detect

There are several uses for concrete scanning. Some of the most common are:

Identifying Voids

Concrete scanning can help identify voids within your concrete that may cause issues in the future. This will help you (and us) plan for this contingency and come up with solutions to rectify it.

Finding Pre and Post Tension Cables

Pre and post tension cables assist with the strengthening of concrete construction. Concrete scanners can predict where your existing tension cables are, and their condition as well as give you an idea of where tension cables can be placed before your slab is laid.

Locating Water Mains

Working on construction and need to know where your water mains are? Concrete scanning can help with that.

Finding Structural Steel

Ensuring your construction project is stable and secure with structural steel is key, regardless of what it is that you’re actually building. This is where concrete scanning and the specialised machinery we have on hand can assist you.

Locating Electrical Conduit & Cables

Concrete scanning can locate all your electrical conduit and cables. This will help you avoid any nasty accidents while on your construction projects.

Measuring  Slab Thickness

Need to know how thick your existing slab is, or how thick your future concrete can be before you run into trouble? Invest in concrete scanning, and the professionals we have at Alpha Concrete Cutting.

Why Choose Alpha Concrete Cutting

At Alpha Concrete Cutting, we’re the experts when it comes to your concrete cutting and scanning requirements. As a full service business, our team members specialise in concrete drilling, hand sawing, soff and expansion cuts and more.

For all your concrete scanning needs, you can’t go past the experience of Alpha Concrete Cutting. Get in touch today.

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