How Much Does Wall Sawing Cost?

April 17, 2024

Need wall sawing but don’t know how much it will cost?

In this article we’ll discuss the factors that influence the cost of wall sawing and how we can help.

How Much Does Wall Sawing Cost?

Without seeing the job or having any details regarding the requirements, it can be difficult to estimate the cost of wall sawing. For this reason, we recommend arranging a visit so we can provide an accurate quote.  

What Factors Influence the Cost of Wall Sawing?

The cost of wall sawing is predicated on a number of factors. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the most important considerations.

What the Job is & What’s Involved

Wall sawing is just one component of what we do. When quoting you on a wall sawing job we need to take into account exactly what is involved in getting it done. How complicated it is and what’s involved is something that will affect the cost. 

Additional Services

You may think you only need wall sawing, but the truth is, you could also benefit from our removal and disposal services. This is especially popular if you want to keep a clean worksite.

Size & Duration

In most cases the scale of your job and how long it will take us to complete is something that we factor in when estimating cost. Generally speaking, smaller jobs cost less but more expansive work costs more.

Manpower & Labour

Concrete cutting is best done in teams, so we have to factor in the amount of labour/manpower you need to get the job done if we’re to provide you with an accurate price.


At Alpha Concrete Cutting, there’s nothing more important than safety – for you and our team. We adhere to only the most stringent of health and safety measures, to ensure the work is completed safely, efficiently and to the highest standard.

Location & Accessibility

When we talk about location, we aren’t just referring to where you are physically located. We mean where the job is located, how we will access the site, how our equipment will get there and so on. This may influence the price.

Level of Professionalism

We pride ourselves on providing you with concrete cutting results you can rely on; wall sawing is no different. We’ve been in the industry for decades and have the knowledge to back that up. This is reflected in our pricing.

Turn Around Time

While we won’t compromise on quality, integrity and safety, if you need a job done quickly, you may find it influences how much you can expect to pay.

How Alpha Concrete Cutting Can Help

At Alpha Concrete Cutting, we’re the experts when it comes to your wall sawing requirements. As a full service business, our team members specialise in concrete cutting and scanning, hand sawing, soff and expansion cuts and more.

To speak to the experts about using core drilling on your site, contact Alpha Concrete Cutting today.

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