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November 27, 2023

Prepare Your Building for Electrical and Plumbing Fixtures: Schedule Concrete Core Drilling in Wacol, Loganholme, Brisbane or Caboolture.

At Alpha Concrete Cutting, we have a broad range of saws meant for floor cutting and wall cutting. From track-mounted saw blades to hand-held saws perfect for smaller jobs or tighter spaces, our saws allow us to cut concrete, stone, brick, asphalt or other types of surfaces for a varied range of applications. We can cut holes in concrete walls to allow for doors or windows; we can cut asphalt or concrete in parking lots to make the demolition and removal process simple; quite simply, we can do a lot with these saws.

Still, there are some scenarios in construction, renovation or building improvement where big saw blades are not able to be used. Saws are ideal for straight-line cuts or square/rectangular holes, but they cannot be used to cut circular holes. Since the average building requires quite a few precise circular cuts, another piece of equipment is necessary.

Circular Cuts Made Possible, with Concrete Core Drilling in Loganholme or Caboolture

Toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures sit atop circular holes that allow pipes to take away water and waste. In other spots, precise circular cuts are necessary for electrical conduits, outlets, air conditioning systems, masonry anchors, additional piping and more. All of these cuts have one thing in common: they require the use of a precise circular saw cut.

Alpha Concrete Cutting can help in the building or renovation process, where concrete core drilling is imperative. We offer concrete core drilling services throughout the Brisbane area, from Loganholme and Wacol to Caboolture. Our drills are incredibly powerful, with heavy duty bits capable of cutting precise circular holes through even the toughest materials. In the past, we’ve used our drills in commercial and industrial situations that demanded exact cuts through reinforced concrete floors and walls, concrete block, brick masonry, concrete panels and more.

In all cases, we can use suction pads to make sure that our cuts are as clean and precise as possible. When cutting through delicate materials, the core drill can sometimes cause unintended crumbling or cracking around the hole. Our state-of-the-art machinery and qualified tradesmen prevent this kind of wear and tear. We can also bolt our rigs down to get a cleaner cut. For smaller holes, we are also equipped with hand-held core drills.

Schedule Your Concrete Core Drilling in Caboolture or Wacol Today

Concrete core drilling is a specialised service that not every contractor or construction company can manage. Luckily, at Alpha Concrete Cutting, we have highly qualified tradesmen to get the job done right.

Interested in seeing how our concrete core drilling can help you with your plumbing and electrical fixture installations? Call Alpha Concrete Cutting today to get a quote. You can reach us on 0416135510.

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