Benefits of Concrete Scanning

November 27, 2023

Working in construction and don’t know if you need to invest in concrete scanning?
In this article we’ll focus on the benefits of concrete scanning and why you should choose to work with our experts at Alpha Concrete Cutting.

What is Concrete Scanning?

We discuss it in more depth here, but for the purpose of this article, let’s break down what concrete scanning is again.

Concrete scanning uses a specialised piece of equipment to detect what is beneath a structure. To do this it uses radio waves much in the same way that an x-ray machine does.

Benefits of Concrete Scanning

The advantages of concrete scanning are almost innumerable. But three of the most common reasons why you should choose to get concrete scanning are:

Retaining Structural Integrity

In any construction project, you want to make sure your structural integrity is up to par. Concrete scanning helps you see beyond the surface level to what’s happening underneath. This assists in retaining structural integrity.

Checking Blueprints

Working on a site you are unfamiliar with, or don’t have access to the building blueprints?

Concrete scanning allows you to double check that your blueprints are correct before you start construction.

Improved Safety Measures

When it comes down to it, the biggest advantage of concrete scanning is the way in which it improves safety measures on site. If you’ve had concrete scanning before starting construction, you go into the project with full transparency and confidence.

Why Choose Alpha Concrete Cutting

At Alpha Concrete Cutting, we’re the experts when it comes to your concrete cutting and scanning requirements. As a full service business, our team members specialise in concrete drilling, hand sawing, soff and expansion cuts and more.

To arrange for concrete scanning from the leading providers in the industry, talk to Alpha Concrete Cutting today.

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