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Floor Sawing
Road Sawing

Wall Sawing

Electric Hand Sawing

Hand Sawing

Expansion Cuts

Core Drilling

Concrete scanning/GPR

Floor Sawing | Road Sawing

Floor or road sawing is used on flat surfaces like reinforced concrete slabs, roads, expansion joints driveways etc. We have both petrol and diesel saws with catalectic converters available for semi enclosed areas.
Floor sawing is the most cost effective and fasted way of cutting concrete, our trucks carry different sized blades for most jobs. We also have small petrol push saws for jobs were access is a problem.
We carry wet vacs for slurry collection if needed as well as water and generators.

Wall Sawing

Wall Saw/Track Saw is great for precise cutting of penetrations in concrete walls or floors. The track is mounted to the concrete and can be operated horizontally, vertically or inverted and runs of 3-phase power so no fumes to worry about.


The electric Hand saw and Ring Saw have cutting depths ranging from 150mm to 270mm Deep. These hand saws can be run on a power supply ranging from 15AMP single phase through to 32AMP.
Electric cutting is perfect in areas with limited ventilation and where fumes or fire alarms are an issue such as bathrooms or any inside area. We have available 3 phase power if needed.

Hand Sawing

Hand sawing is mostly used in areas where a road saw cannot go. Hand sawing has a cutting depth of 150mm and can be used on floors and walls, if a deeper cut is required a Ring saw with 250mm depth can be used.
Ring saw is used in conjunction with a hand saw to get a neat and deep cut, which is helpful in cutting out doorways and widows.
Hand sawing is very efficient and portable system that can do jobs in small or tight areas, our trucks carry wet vacs for slurry collection if needed.

Soff Cut | Expansion Cut

The soff cut system is used for expansion joints on new concrete slabs to minimise random cracking. Soff cut machines are small and light so can be used within hours of the slab being finished or the next morning. The system cuts dry so will not interrupt other areas with water and is easily swept clean. Soff cut can also be used to cut a decorative design onto the slab incorporating the expansion joints.

Core Drilling

Core Drilling is used for efficient and precise drilling of circular holes in reinforced concrete, concrete block or brick, asphalt and concrete panels. Our trucks carry a wide range of different sized diameters drill bits from 12mm and up.
Vertical and inverted drilling is available with our drilling rigs being bolted down or for finished and delicate areas a suction pad can be used so not to damage the area. Our trucks also carry hand held core drills for small holes or if the drilling rigs cannot be used.
A wet vac is also carried on all trucks for the collection of slurry if needed, as well as our trucks carry water and generators.


Concrete scanning or GPR(Ground Penetrating Radar) is a non-destructive evaluation of concrete structures before any cutting or core drilling is started.

GPR sensors are small and can be used in tight spaces and in any orientation on floors, walls and ceilings.

Drilling or cutting through services or utilities could bring a construction site to a halt for an extended period of time while the power and/or services are restored.

  • Verify areas safe for cutting, drilling or coring in slabs and walls.
  • Locate reinforcement and post-tension tendons in walls and floors.
  • Detect inconsistencies such as voids, cracks and honeycombing in walls and slabs.
  • Locate targets directly under slabs or behind walls.
  • Verify slab thickness.
  • Locate exit points to avoid thickenings and beams in slabs.
  • Measure concrete cover and steel mesh reinforcement on site.
  • The ability to locate and report live or dead services in and under slabs.
  • Provide all customers with a comprehensive report as a value added service when required.